N Type Connectors,Fiber Outdoor Cable,
Bonded foil, 90% braid, PVC jacket with Messenger , 14 AWG, 1C, 1/1.63 mm.,Simplex, PVC jacket,

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Part No Description Brochure
HT236I Crimping Tool For RG58, 6 174
HT301K Crimping Tool For RG8, 11, 213 Thicknet
HT311M Crimping Tool For RG6, RG11, 5C-2V / 7C
HT330K Coaxial Crimping Tools Kit(BOX) For RG58 to RG8
HT332 Stripper Tools RG 58, 59, 62, 6, 3C
HT312S Stripper Tools RG8, 11-213
HT342 Stripper Tools For Fiber Optic Cable

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