IEEE 1284 Cable > Standard Cable Assemblies,Multimode 10/100M Copper to Fiber Media Converter,
the correct coaxial cable that meets the specifications for CCTV transmission,Conductor Fine stranded concentric bare copper,
Application,COAXIAL CABLE 50 OHMS,
Others > P.V.C. Trunking Systems,24 AWG, 2C , 7/0.20mm , DCR 87.6 ohm/km,
DB25 Female – Female,22 AWG, 12C , 7/0.26mm , DCR 57.4 ohm/km,

Building Cable › Fire Alarm
UL type CM CSA PCC,DB37 Cover Plastic,

Twinax & Coaxial Balun,WITH SHIELD FOIL + BRAID, Fire Alarm Fire Alarm Cable

Product Description

  • Conductor: 22 thru 12 AWG anneal bare solid copper wire
  • Insulation: Color coded PVC insulation, Black & Red
  • Shielded: 100% aluminum-mylar tape shield with tinned copper drain wire
  • Jacket: Red color PVC Jacket
  • Temp. Rating: -20 to + 105 OC
  • Voltage Rating: 300 V RMS, Passed UL 70,000 btu/hr vertical flame test

Part No Description Brochure
P/N90xx 1P 22 – 12AWG / Foil Solid Cond.
P/N90xx-D 1P 18 – 12AWG / Foil “Double Jacket”
Product Description UL subject 13 type CL2, CL3,16 AWG,1.25 sqmm. DCR 13.7 Ohm/km Multipairs, BNC For RG174 – Plug Crimp Type,Computer Cable > RGB (Multimedia Cable), DB25 Male – Male,Telco Cables 25 Pairs,

FC Multimode Adapter,75 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,