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Cable Assemblies IEEE 1284 Cable
22 AWG, 12C , 7/0.26mm , DCR 57.4 ohm/km,Conductor: 24 and 22 AWG stranded copper conductor,

Interior lines for Monitoring system, CCTV feeder lines,Transceiver Cable, IEEE1394,
This high spped bi-directional parallel cable is one of IEEE printer port standard called Enhanced Paralel Port (EPP). This technology is high speed oriented offers you added speed and two way communication with IEEE 1284 compliant devices which defines between computer and peripherals. Our IEEE 1284 cables was designed from the following attributes.

  • Impedance is 62 Ω +/-6 at 4-16 Mhz frequency range
  • Capacitance is 107 pf/m at 1 Mhz frequency
  • 17 twisted pairs cable with at least 36 turns per metre
  • Foiled shield and at least 85% copper braided soldered 360 degrees to the connector shell

IEEE 1284 from our offer feature 3 types of connector A, B and C. Choose the right one from our connector guide. Our Features on IEEE1284 & SCSI Cable Assemblies

1. Overall Foiled 100% coverage with at least 25% overlap.
2. Tinned Copper Braided minimum at 85%
3. Copper Tape over insulation 100% coverage.
4. Solder 360 degrees to the connector shell.
5. PVC jacket on cable and connector shell are UL and CSA verified grade.

Part No Description Brochure
1284AA1-18 1.8 M.DB25 M/F A/A
1284AA2-18 1.8 M. DB 25 M/M A/A USB Type A/B,ตู้แบบแขวนผนังถูกออกแบบมาจากโครงสร้างที่แข็งแรงสามารถรับน้ำหนักได้ถึง 60 กิโลกรัม,
1284AB1-18 1.8 M. DB25 M/ CEN 36 M A/B The fibers, 250?m, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic,High Performance Serial Bus is a new IEEE bus interface standard for portable and desktop computing environments,
1284AB1-30 3.0 M. DB25 M/ CEN 36 M A/B Twinax Cable P/N7362211,PE Insulation, Color,
1284AC1-18 1.8 M. DB 25 M/ MCEN 36 M A/C Temperature Rating: -10?C to +70?C,Traditionally video transmission in CCTV is done using 75 ohm coaxial cables,
1284BC1-18 1.8 M. DB 36 M/ MCEN 36 M B/C Twinax Inline Coupler Jack to Jack,05 means OM2 50/125?m,
1284BC1-30 3.0 M. DB 36 M/ MCEN 36 M B/C AC Power Cord,Thinnet, Thicknet Cable,
1284CC1-18 1.8 M. MCEN36M/ MCEN36M C/C Product Description UL subject 13 type CL2, CL3,Adaptor DB25 Female – DB9 Male,
1284CC1-30 3.0 M. MCEN36M/ MCEN36M C/C Twisted Pairs With Shield,CP – Slot Trunking Trunking 4MM Slot (GREY),

Cable Assemblies Standard Cable Assemblies

Part No Description Brochure
Transceiver Cables (AUI Cables)
KP-15M-LL AUI Standard cables length 'LL' m. DB26 Female,PVC Jacket color black,
IBM Type 6 Cables
KP-11M-LL Data connector DB9M, IBM type 6 2U Vented Fixed Shelf : D = 600 mm.,DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) Coaxial Cable Application,
Thicknet Cables
KP-22M-LL N type connector both ends, Thicknet Cable Computer Cable > CM...Series Multipairs Foil Shielded,Computer Cable > CMI...Series CMIMultipairs Individual and overall Foiled Shield,
BNC Cables
KP-21M-LL BNC both ends, RG58 thinnet Cable 75 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,100% coverage, aluminium polyester foil shield,
KP-28M-LL BNC both ends, RG59 cable CF...Series Multicore Overall Foiled,CCTV & MATV Romywell Cable Series,
KP-30M-LL BNC both ends, RG62 cable FC Pigtail,12 Cores: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Orange, Brown, Grey, Light Blue, Pink, Violet,
Twinax Calbes
KP-29M-LL Twinax. M. both ends, Twinaxial Calbe Network Products > Computer Cable,D-SUB Connector,
V 35 Cables
KP-40M-LL DB25M – M34 M, Low cap. Cable Network Cable > Structured Cabling System,D-SUB Adaptor,
KP-41M-LL M34 M – M34 M, Low cap. Cable Electronic Equipment Applications,VTF Cable,
KP-42M-LL M34 M – M34 F, Low cap. Cable With Shield Foil + Braid > IB... Multiconductors,Conductor: 22 Thru 14 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper,
RGB Cables
EXTVGA-xx-LL HDB15 M – HDB15 F, RGB 3+4. Cable ST, FC, SC, LC Simplex,high-quality Quad Shield Coaxial Cable,
KP-51M-LL HDB15 M – 5 BNC M, RGBVH Cbale IB...(P) Multipairs,fiber connector type could be FC, SC, ST, LC and MTRJ,
KP-52M-LL 5 BNC M- 5 BNC M, RGBBH Cable Enhanced Cat.5 Cable,Computer Cable > CB...Series Multicore Overall Foilbraided,

Cable Assemblies Printer Cable (Parallel)

These cables are used to connect DB25 port on computer to external SCSI devices like drives, CD-ROM, scanners or others.

Part No Description Brochure
PPC-32-02 DB25 Male – Centronic 36 Male L 6 ft/ 1.8
PPC-32-010 DB25 Male – Centronic 36 Male L 10 ft/ 3 M.
PPC-32-10 DB25 Male – Centronic 36 Male L 10 M.

Cable Assemblies IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire)

The IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus is designed for the exchange of information between PCs and consumer electronics devices that transfer large amounts of data. It is a multimedia bus enabling high-speed peripherals, convergence between PCs, peripherals and consumer A/V products and enabling new applications for traditional products. This bus is also named Fire Wire. Our IEEE 1394 cable contains two 24 AWG power conductors, and two twisted pairs of 28 AWG for data transfer. Each data pair is shielded and the entire cable is shielded too.

Part No Description Brochure
IEEE-1394-44-06 4 Pin to 4 Pin 1394 Cable L 6 ft
IEEE-1394-64-06 6 Pin to 4 Pin 1394 Cable L 6 ft
IEEE-1394-66-06 6 Pin to 6 Pin 1394 Cable L 6 ft
IEEE-1394-66-15 6 Pin to 6 Pin 1394 Cable L 15 ft

Cable Assemblies USB Type A/B

Product Description
Connector: USB Type A Male to Type B Male Transfer rates up to 480 Mbps depending on USB version

USB 1.1
USB 1.1 is a single, standardized, easy-to-use way to connect up to 127 devices to a computer. Because of its relatively slow transfer rate of 12 Mbps, USB is used as a connector of devices that didn't need tremendous bandwidth, like mice, printers, scanners, etc. It combines all advantages of a multiplatform standard (cost efficiency, auto-configuration, increased compatibility, larger number of available peripherals.)

USB 2.0
The high-speed USB 2.0 features a maximum transfer rate that's forty times faster than USB 1.1, 480mbps.

Part No Description Brochure
PPC-USB-LL USB Type A/B L 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M.

Cable Assemblies AC Power Cord

Product Description
  • AC cord US type
  • AC extension for monitor
  • AC cord European type

Part No Description Brochure
AC-EU-02B AC Cord European Type L 1.8 M.

Cable Assemblies Telco Cables 25 Pairs

Both ends Male connector as standard and Female as an optional.

Part No Description Brochure
TC-AU-LL Telco Cable Length 3M, 5M, 10M.

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