IB... Multiconductors,4 Cores: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black,,
ID  Industrial Wire Way Trunking (GREY),The fibers, 250?m, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic,
FC Multimode Adapter,Black sunlight resistant PVC,
Standard Rack,ED  Telephone Electronic Duct (GREY),
Building Cable > Building and Audio,120 Ohms +/-20 % Impedance,

Coaxial Cable › Accessories Connectors
CMB...Series Multipairs Foiled and Copper Braid Shield,HECR... Self support Crane control bable,

Accessories Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1000 BNC For 2.5C-2V Plug Crimp Type Copper Tape over insulation 100% coverage,Industrial Bus Cable 150 Ohms,
KP-CN-100F BNC For 2.5C-2V Jack Category 6 UTP Cables,Computer Cable > Industrial Data Transmission Cable,
KP-CN-1001 BNC For RG58 Plug Crimp Type Double Section Cabinets (ǹѧẺͧ͹),ST Adaptor Plate 6 Couplers - Multimode,
KP-CN-1002A BNC For 3C-2V Plug Crimp Type Fiber Rack Mount 12 Ports,ACCESSORIES CONNECTORS,
KP-CN-1002F BNC For RG59 & 62 Jack Voltage 30V/60C,FCS Adaptor Plate 6 Couplers - Singlemode,
KP-CN-1002N BNC For RG59 Plug Crimp Type N Terminator 50 Ohms,WITH SHIELD FOIL,
KP-CN-1003 BNC I Connector Jacket to Jack LC Pigtail,RG11/U 95% Shield For CCTV/VDO,
KP-CN-1004 BNC T Connector fiber connector type could be FC, SC, ST, LC and MTRJ,Stripper Tools RG 58, 59, 62, 6, 3C,
KP-CN-1005A BNC Terminator 75 Ohms COAXIAL CABLE 75 OHMS,17 twisted pairs cable with at least 36 turns per metre,
KP-CN-1005B BNC Terminator 50 Ohms
KP-CN-1006 BNC Bulkhead Jack to Jack For Rack 19 FCS Adaptor Plate 6 Couplers - Singlemode,Fiber Optic Cabling System > Fiber Accessory,
KP-CN-1007 BNC For RG8 & 11 Plug Crimp Type CP  Slot Trunking Trunking 4MM Slot (GREY),USB Type A/B,
KP-CN-1008 BNC For RG6 & 5C-2V Plug Crimp Type UL type CM CSA PCC,Electronic Equipment Applications,
KP-CN-1008M BNC For RG6 Plug Twis On (Ẻѹ) Fiber Rack Mount 24 Ports,Cotton filler to protect handling noise,
KP-CN-1008S BNC For RG6 Plug Crimp Type Satellite Broadcast Receivers Applications,1 Pair x 1.50 Sq.mm,
KP-CN-1009 BNC For RG179 Plug Crimp Type SECURITY / ALARM CABLES,IF...(P) Multipairs,
KP-CN-10015 BNC For RG174 Plug Crimp Type 22 AWG (0.35 Sq.mm.),Jacket: PVC Grey Jacket,

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